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Principles of graphic design for E-Learning lessons

E-Learning lectures are not only important in terms of content, but the form is also an important factor in an E-Learning lecture. We are often attracted to what is beautiful and the same goes for E-Learning lectures. A good lesson in terms of design also helps learners to focus and remember better. So how to present the E-Learning lesson design?

1. Layout

The layout is the most important element in any design. A clear, coherent layout will make your lectures easier to follow and absorb.
There are some common layouts in design such as vertical layout (one side is text, one side is an image), or horizontal layout (images and text are arranged above and below).
In addition, there are other layouts such as grid layout, and spiral, ... also help the lecture become more logical, and easier to follow.

2. Color

The color palette of the lecture is a pretty important factor in determining whether or not learners will watch your entire lecture. You should
- Combine no more than 3 main colors in the design.
- Follow the 60-30-10 rule for colors instead of using colors with equal frequency.
- Do not use background colors that make text difficult to read.
- Smart color matching. You can refer to the sample color palettes for proper color combinations. If you don't know how to mix colors, you can refer to to choose the right color…

3. Typography

Research shows that typography greatly affects the concentration of learners. Therefore, there are some points to pay attention to in your E-LEarning lecture:
- Choose a minimalistic font to keep the eyes from being uncomfortable in the long run.
- Avoid combining multiple typefaces in a lecture.
- Combining fonts with colors helps create accents in the lesson.
Do you know how to design graphics for E-learning lessons yet? If you find them too difficult or take too much of your time, then choose for yourself the solution that is the Articulate 360 ​​lesson design tool. Here we have available lesson templates to help you customize easily and quickly. Learn about Articulate 360 ​​here!
Principles of graphic design for E-Learning lessons 

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